Hello World and Hello 2021

Good as everything in the life of a programmer starts with a hello world, here on my blog it wouldn't be much different, I really believe in being able to create a channel here where I can present my ideas, some thoughts and also tips focused on programming and design. So here I leave my hello world with my first programming language that I learned...

puts "Hello World!"

And maybe you are wondering and why are you also wishing for a hello 2021 since six months have passed since the beginning of the year, so my answer for you is that in this first blog post I would not like to simply leave my hello world but I would like to share some of my goals that I would like to achieve during the year 2021.

The year 2020 was a very crazy year, when it started we believed that it would be a year of many new things and many novelties, but who could imagine that a virus would come and spoil pleasures and make us rethink a lot of our ways and attitudes and choices.

As much as this year of 2021 is not yet out of the pandemic mode, I believe that this year can be a year of many learnings and achievements of many skills and take it beyond that period. And those are some of my goals for this year...

  • Launch my new Personal Website
  • Start publishing some articles
  • Start and complete the Design System & Ops course for Meiuca Design staff
  • Learn more about Go Lang
  • Understand a little more about processes
  • Walk more during the weeks, even if worried about the pandemic

Well these are some of my goals for this year 2021, and with this post I can already say that I have already completed the first two of my list, thank you so much guys.